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Auto Maintenance

When it comes to your vehicle, maintenance is key. Not only will regular tune ups guarantee your safety, it will also add longevity. In fact your car will last much longer if it is properly cared for. At P & E Carbon Buster Engine Center Inc. we provide quality services and make sure that your automobile is functioning at full capacity.

We use the latest methods, tools and techniques available so that you receive only the finest upgrades. Proper and regular upkeep is important because the slightest of things can cause a malfunction and automatically become a road hazard to you, your loved ones and anyone else on the road.

Auto Repair

Operating for many years, our customers have come to trust and rely on the dependable auto repair services that P & E Carbon Buster Engine Center Inc. provides. We understand that when your vehicle breaks down, you need affordable maintenance and repair solutions performed as quickly and as efficiently as possible, according to manufacturer standards.

Our skilled technicians take the time to clearly explain your repair options; provide detailed written estimates and help with insurance processing. P & E Carbon Buster Engine Center Inc. is not solely focussed on ringing up sales; we offer traditional customer service values from an up-to-date auto repair shop. We pride ourselves on knowing all the latest trends when it comes to auto repairs. For mechanical parts, new emerging technology, equipment, tools, styles and anything else right off the market, call P & E Carbon Buster Engine Center today. We service Las Vegas, NV, and surrounding areas. 

Engine Detailing 

Your car’s engine functions as the heart of your vehicle. However after thousands and thousands of miles, your car’s engine begins to become covered in dirt, dust, and grime. Engine detailing ensures that these contaminants don’t spread or interrupt with the essential functions of your vehicle. Additionally, if you are looking to sell your car or are thinking of selling your car one day, a nicely kept engine will significantly improve your car’s selling value. Here at P & E Carbon Buster Engine Center Inc., we pride ourselves on never cutting any corners. We are thorough and meticulous through every step of the process.

Improve the lifespan of your engine and the value of your car with routine engine detailing. Give us a call today to schedule your engine cleaning in Las Vegas, NV, and surrounding areas. We look forward to working with you.